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11,52 EUR*
Details Superior Threads 11901 004mm Monopoly Invisible Polyester Thread by Superior Threads

For quilting and thread painting;This product is made from poly filament;Product color: clear

29,06 EUR*
Details Superior Threads THRDHLDERNEW Holder Handy Stand Thread by Superior Threads

This product is manufactured in Canada;This product is made from plastic

2,68 EUR*
Details 3-In-1 Needle Threader-

DMC-Needle Threader. This 3-in-1 tool is handy and can help thread yarns and threads in a variety of weights! It can thread fine thread, medium weight yarns and threads and heavy weight yarns. It acc ommodates short and long needle eyes. This 4x4-1/2 ...

3,61 EUR*
Details LoRan Needle Threader-

LORAN-Needle Threader. This threader easily threads long eye needles without having to strain your eyes to get the thread through the eye of the needle or the minute wires of some threaders. Made in USA.

4,13 EUR*
Details Double Needle Threader-

DRITZ-A double needle threader. For small and large eye needles. For fine and heavy threads. For fine threads in small eye needles, use pointed loop on threader. For embroidery floss and pearl cottons in large eye needles, use squared loop on threader ...

18,42 EUR*
Details Thread And Bobbin Holder Six Slots-

Store thread and bobbins together. Uses thread and bobbin sticks article 81821001. More Info: WRIGHTS-Thread And Bobbin Holder Six Slots. Store thread and bobbins in the EZ Quilting thread holder. This package contains one 5-3/4x3-1/2 inch clear ...

28,43 EUR*
Details Sleeping Beauty - Fairy Tale Series from Bothy Threads by Bothy Threads

Bothy Threads - Stickpackung - Sleeping Beauty es werden Kreuzstiche und halbe Kreuzstiche gestickt

33,66 EUR*
Details Bothy Threads Wizard Of Oz Cross Stitch Kit by Bothy Threads

Bothy Threads - Stickpackung - Wizard Of Oz es werden Kreuzstiche und halbe Kreuzstiche gestickt

3,15 EUR*
Details Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread 125yd-Freedom Blue

COATS&CLARK-Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread. This thread combines advanced technology from Coats with nearly 200 years of thread-making experience. Thread features a polyester-wrapped core-spun construction creating a thread that provides enhanced ...

3,29 EUR*
Details Elastic Threaders 1/4", 1/3" & 3/4"-

DRITZ-Elastic Threaders. Elastic Threaders make elastic and ribbons easy to thread into casings and keeps elastic and ribbon from twisting and snagging. This package contains three threaders: 1/4in, 1/2in, and 3/4in. Imported.

31,04 EUR*
Details Hansel and Gretel - Fairy Tale Series from Bothy Threads by Bothy Threads

Bothy Threads - Stickpackung - Hansel and Gretel es werden Kreuzstiche und halbe Kreuzstiche gestickt

3,26 EUR*
Details Fons & Porter Quilter's Needle Threaders-3/Pkg

DRITZ-Fons & Porter Quilters' Needle Threader. These nickel-Plated Steel hand or machine sewing needle threader. These handy threaders make threading needles easy! This package contains three threaders. Imported.

6,88 EUR*
Details Serger Thread 1,094yd-Navy

GUTERMANN-Serger Thread. Gutermann's Premium Serger Thread is 100% Polyester. It comes on Mini King spools that are ideal for overlock and serger sewing. These threads are great for problem-free and uninterrupted sewing on 3 and 4 thread overlock ...